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RE: Journal of Paleontology Papers

If I'm not wrong, possible heterodontosaurids come from Portugal (Trimucrodon 
cuneatus), and Argentina (unnamed early Carnian form, Báez et al. 1998, 2001). 
The United States form could be a late Jurassic heterodontosaurid related to 
Echinodon becklesii (Galton, 2002).


Lukas Panzarin
Via A. Morandi 12
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Venice Italy 

> Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> >   Thus the authors revise the hypodigm of *Dianchungosaurus lufengensis* 
> >to the
> >type and refer the paratype to an indeterminate prosauropod. The only other
> >ornithischians from the Lower Lufeng Formation are *Tatisaurus* and
> >*Beinosaurus*.
> According to Barrett and Xu, _Bienosaurus_ may not be an ankylosaur, as 
> originally described; they cite a pers. comm. from Parish, but do not 
> elaborate on what it might be.
> So the only known heterodontosaurids come from South Africa (several 
> genera), the United States (unnamed), and England (if _Echinodon_ is a 
> heterodontosaurid)?  Is there anything I'm missing?

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