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Re: Journal of Paleontology Papers

Good to know someone has worked on *Dianchungosaurus*.

Nitpicking alert!:

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They also use these features to argue it is not dinosaurian, but
pertains to a distinct mesoeucrocodylian, and if so, a basal one as in
*Calsoyasuchus* and thalattosaurs (e.g., *Askeptosaurus* and kin).

You are right that *Askeptosaurus* is a thalatto_saur_ -- but it's not a crocodile in the widest sense. You mean the thalatto_suchians_ (*Steneosaurus*, *Metriorhynchus*, *Geosaurus*, that sort of thing).

and the *Stegoceras*
species *S. brevis* and *S. edmontonense* [feminine gender of the time
formalized revision, and later ICZN editions supported this, contra Sullivan,
who supported the masculine ending -ensis].

-is is both masculine and feminine. -e is neutral, and this is correct because Greek keras is neutral, too. The other species must therefore be *S. breve*... as in fact it is.