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Re: More on the Massospondylus embryos

Dear Luis and List,

    Yikes, fanciful is a kind discription of the rendering with the article
of an adult Massospondylus. It is a little on the sixth grade class project
level. I have to admit though, the fossil of the baby itself is

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> That is a rather fanciful restoration and I frankly don't see what are
> the advantages for this animal to normally walk this way (when even in
> this one it's obvious that it will be tilting forward to use its front
> legs for walking). Sorry, don't agree with it.
> Serious skeletal reconstructions have already been done by  Greg Paul
> et al. so....
> On 29 Jul 2005, at 00:38, El PaleoFreak wrote:
> > Luis Rey wrote:
> >> Have I missed something?
> >
> > This one?
> > http://www.newscientist.com/data/images/ns/9999/99997746F2.JPG
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