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Re: More on the Massospondylus embryos

I didn't write the story, but from reading the paper, I suspect the artist was 
following the ideas of Robert Reisz. -- Jeff Hecht

At 10:59 AM +0100 7/29/05, Luis Rey wrote:
>> As a point of clarification, the illustrations used by New Scientist were 
>> supplied to the press by the University of Toronto scientists who did the 
>> research. It's very rare for the press to generate their own artwork. These 
>> usually are not published in scholarly journals, and in practice may be 
>> generated by artists hired by the university's press office. -- Jeff Hecht
>What nags me  is that even if the illustration looks fanciful it seems to 
>represent what the article is saying...  that the hatchlings would be 
>'crawlers' and then become bipeds as adults. That is pretty novel to me.
>Could it be that the writer of the article was following the illustration 
>given or is it a  new  theory backed by Robert Reisz as the article seems to