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Re: Dinotopia books

Not much of a dinosaur person, being only a high school student myself, but I love the picture book series (not too fond of the chapter book series-- I've only read a couple of those). The original books themselves I think are beautifully drawn and that's primarily why I read them. I like doodling so the Dinotopia series tends to be something I look back on frequently to get ideas from.
To the best of my knowledge, the dinosaur illustrations are fairly accurate, even the behavior is pretty accurate (ex. Oviraptor is not the stereotypical "egg stealer" but rather a nurturer who takes care of all the eggs). Although, to play the devil's advocate, dinosaurs could never talk... nor could they all get along and live in harmony in some sort of Utopian society. Humans wouldn't last very long. The book is fun to look at, even if the plot is a tad skewed.

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Subject: Dinotopia books

I was wondering what Dino people think of the Dinotopia series of books
for children?

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