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Re: Masso embryos disc./back to pteros

And with regards to pterosaurs, I bow to Luis Chiappe who says (and illustrates):

"This specimen is indistinguishable from both juvenile and mature specimens of
Pterodaustro - with its long, slender snout and evidence of filament-like
mandibular dentition."

OK. Sorry for having forgotten this specimen. It shows that *Pterodaustro guinazui* was not born cute. But we can't use induction. We have a phylogenetic bracket: the closest relatives of pterosaurs where the condition is known -- be they dinosaurs, archosaurs as a whole, or even squamates -- were/are born cute, while *P. guinazui* was not. Where within Pterosauria (or a somewhat larger clade) did the change happen? At which point was the cute phase sped up and hid in the egg? At the base of Pterosauria? At the base of Pterodactyloidea? At the base of Ctenochasmatoidea? At the base of *P. guinazui*? Elsewhere? Would be great to find out.