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Even mMore on the Massospondylus embryos

Apparently there are other eggs with embryos:

"Gideon knows exactly where the fossils are and has already excavated
nests of dinosaur eggs with clearly visible fossilised [sic] embryos
inside. He found the first nest in 1988 in Golden Gate Highlands
National Park, 10 years after Prof James Kitching discovered the very
first and oldest dinosaur eggs in South Africa - also in the Park. That
was a nest of six eggs with perfect fossil embryos inside. These eggs
are housed at the BPI Institute for Palaenotology at WITS University,
but Gideon has one egg on loan for educational purposes. So far five
nests and 18 dinosaur eggs have been discovered"

More at: http://africanexplorer.co.za/fsfossils/fossils.htm


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