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Re: More on the Massospondylus embryos

Tim Williams (twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com) wrote:

<Regurgitated food, from the mother?>

when David Marjanovic wrote:

<<What could they eat if they really had no teeth at all?>>
  A small conical fragment below the jaw may belong to a tooth, or be a tooth.
The anterior jaws and premaxilla of the illustrated specimen are missing, so I
do not know if more complete rostra are known, but this appears to be unique to
other found dinosaur embryos except for the oviraptorid or avian embryos, in
lacking teeth. Curious, and yes, it implies care, unless the loss of teeth is
not actually loss, but dislocation.


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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