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Re: Even mMore on the Massospondylus embryos

Did you notice that the page opens by saying:

"The Eastern Free State of South Africa is synonymous with peace and 
tranquillity. It is difficult to imagine a few million years ago it was a 
dinosaur stomping ground. Keri Harvey and photographer, Heinrich van den Berg 
went to take a look."
Difficult indeed to believe that any non-avian dinosaurs were stomping around 
just a few million years ago. -- Jeff Hecht

At 4:06 PM -0600 7/31/05, Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org wrote:
>Apparently there are other eggs with embryos:
>"Gideon knows exactly where the fossils are and has already excavated
>nests of dinosaur eggs with clearly visible fossilised [sic] embryos
>inside. He found the first nest in 1988 in Golden Gate Highlands
>National Park, 10 years after Prof James Kitching discovered the very
>first and oldest dinosaur eggs in South Africa - also in the Park. That
>was a nest of six eggs with perfect fossil embryos inside. These eggs
>are housed at the BPI Institute for Palaenotology at WITS University,
>but Gideon has one egg on loan for educational purposes. So far five
>nests and 18 dinosaur eggs have been discovered"
>More at: http://africanexplorer.co.za/fsfossils/fossils.htm