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grant for antonio

Ok DML'ers. Those of you that have not donated to the grant to study (you know who you are!) the important basal Hadrosaur "Antonio" are supposed to be feeling guilty by now. There have been 25 total donors from the DML list to the fund totaling around 700 bucks US. We need an additional 300 dollars to make our $1000.00 goal. (The grant request of $950 and a $50 bank transfer fee.) Even if you only send 5 dollars, you will help fund this important research which is going to be sponsored by the membership of the DML. Send and make your check to: Frank Bliss, 1107 Parks Rd. Weston, Wyoming 82731. I am collecting the funds and will get them to Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia (the Italian Paleontologist that will do the dirty work on Antonio). For those of you that don't know, the grant request for this study was turned down (for some silly reason or other) and some of the membership of the DML have consented to fund the study. The question is, why hasn't everyone that subscribes to the DML sent me 5 bucks (or more) to finish this grant out. Pry open your checkbooks and let's get Fabio some gas money to finish the job. PDF's of the final paper will be available to the donors. Thank you to those of you that have already donated to this worthy study.
Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming 82731