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Archaeopteryx article


In addition to the article on the sternum of A barvacia by Tischlinger &
Willnhofer  another article on A lithographica was mentioned on this
list. I now have a copy of "Ultra-violet light investigation of the
Berlin example of A lithographica...and the isolated Archaeopteryx
feather" by Tischlinger and Unwin (Archaeopteryx 22:17-50, 2004). It is a
print copy, I believe no pdf file is available and the journal
"Archaeopteryx does not seem to be available on line.

The article is in German with an English abstract and figure captions.
The isolated feather specimen, described by Meyer in the 1860's is
represented by a lithograph, a figure I've not seen previously. The UV of
the main slab shows "alternative light and dark areas possibly reflecting
an original pattern."  It is produced life size. There is no pattern on
the counterslab but some very well preserved details of the feather. The
authors believe that the distal portion of the flight feathers  are
"preserved as a thin filmy substance. The implication (my speculation) is
that this may be some of the actual keratin structure. 



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