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RE: Mesozoic mountains?

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> Rodlox R
>   Is there any way to tell where in the Mesozoic era (based on evidence in
> the fossil record) that mountains existed?

Yes, there are lots of clues to where mountains existed, but they are 
geological rather than paleontological. Check out most
textbooks on Historical Geology, under "orogeny" or "orogenesis".

>  Do we know of any mountain fauna
> or flora from that era?

No, because mountains are erosional rather than depositional environments. They 
are the places where potential fossils are
destroyed, rather than buried.

> Also, do any reconstruction-maps of the Mesozoic world show where
> mountains/mountain ranges were?
See the appropriate links on http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~rcb7/paleogeographic.html

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