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Re: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?


I don't know about current consensus but Terry "Bucky" Gates, a doctoral
student in our department examined the evidence for and against in his
master's thesis, including new excavations in the quarry for fresh data.
This article is scheduled to be published in Palios in June.  His
conclusion is that there is very little evidence for the predator trap
scenario and that drought is the best available interpretation.

Quoting Michael Lovejoy <michael@palaeoproductions.fsnet.co.uk>:

> A quick trawl through the archives suggests there's been mixed
> opinions on
> whether or not the Cleveland-Lloyd quarry represents a predator trap
> or not.
> can anyone tell me the current consensus on this, and what evidence
> is
> available for and against?
> Also, as a quick aside, does the quarry contain a decent mix of dino
> genera,
> or are just one or two preserved?
> Regards,
> Michael Lovejoy
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