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Re: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?

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Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 2:46 PM
Subject: RE: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?

> Michael Lovejoy wrote:
> >Also, as a quick aside, does the quarry contain a decent mix of dino
> >genera,
> >or are just one or two preserved?
> So far: _Ceratosaurus_, _Marshosaurus_, _Allosaurus_, _Camarasaurus_,
> _Stegosaurus_, _Camptosaurus_.  Around three-quarters of the bones come
> _Allosaurus_.

Dear Michael, Tim, and List,

    Let us not forget Stokesasaurus, and an unidentified ankylosaur.

    The latest consensus, is that the Cleveland / Loyd was a watering hole.
The predators would bully themselves closest to the water in the drought
season, and as the generations passed, more and more allosaur skeletons
would pile up and be preserved for the fossil record.
    This latest theory was presented by the University of Utah folks a few
years back.I believe they came up with it after observing African watering

Cleveland Cliff