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Cleveland / Loyd fauna was Re: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?

> Cliff Green wrote:
> >     Let us not forget Stokesasaurus, and an unidentified ankylosaur.
> D'oh!  I omitted to mention _Stokesosaurus clevelandi_.  Also, a
> tyrannosaurid-like braincase from the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry has been
> provisionally referred to _Stokesosaurus_, but it may represent a distinct
> taxon.

Dear Tim and List,

    According to Dan Chure et. al, Stokesosaurus is a primitive tyrannosaur,
based on the brain case. Not much of this animal is known, a premax, illium
and of course the brain case. I was asked to sculpt one in 2003, but the
commission fell through, thank heavens. I really prefer more reference when
doing flesh restorations.IMHO, it probably looked alot like the primitive
tyrannosaurs coming out of Great Britain and China, small, three fingered,
and feathered to its toenails.

> I didn't know about the "unidentified ankylosaur".  Is this critter known
> from skeletal material or footprints?

there is some scrappy fossil material. I believe the Uof U has it, but I
will ask were it is being retained.