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RE: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?

There are a mimimum of 47 Allosaurus individuals, approximately 80%
juvenile.  The main idea seems to be that drought congregated allosaurs
around a diminishing water source.  Animals are reluctant to leave a
water source in times of drought and may use up available food resources
within the perimeter of the water hole and still not leave the water
source.  Thus they may either starve, or succumb to disease etc.. hence
the death assemblage is mainly the more suseptable young.  In terms of
the large number of predators, similar assemblages have been documented
in Africa where predators will dominate a water source because a
herbivore would have to been either stupid or on it's last leg to walk
over to a watering hole surrounded by hungry carnivores.  Further, at
least two events of deposition can be identified in the quarry.
Hope that helps.

Quoting "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>:

> Three quarters from Allosaurus? One individual or several? If several
> (and
> dated the same) it would be an interesting (but probably
> unwarranted)
> speculation that it was the result of a pack of some sort
> involved...