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RE: Cleveland Lloyd - predator trap?

Lindsay Zanno (lzanno@umnh.utah.edu) wrote:

<Quite correct about predator domination of SOME African watering holes. 
The implication, however, is not that there were no sauropods or other
large herbivores visiting the water hole, it is rather that they may not
for some reason have remained/died at the site.  Whereas carnivores are
far more succeptable to succumbing to diseases such as botulism, from
eating rotting carcasses around the watering hole and disease may have
dessimated large numbers.  Herbivores, of course, would not have suffered
the same fate.  Similar cases of disease have been attributed to other
quarrys such as "Jack's Birthday Site" (Varricchio, 1995), and a
pleistocene quarry in Germany.>

  Wouldn't any site dominated by a host of animals dying by diseased
feeding off a carcass preserve the carcass as well? There seems to be a
dearth in prey species at the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, restricted to
*Stegosaurus,* *Camptosaurus,* and *Camarasaurus,* with a dominance of
*Allosaurus* at 2/3 of recovered fossils. The other 1/3 also includes
several species of theropod apart from *Allosaurus.* Predator dominated
areas would seem to be more like a caching site, wouldn't they?


Jaime A. Headden

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