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Re: Behind the Scenes--Dinosaur Models at AMNH

Where is this wonderful exhibit?  I missed it.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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Subject: Behind the Scenes--Dinosaur Models at AMNH

> Wow!! This is going to be one amazing exhibit. Having researched some of
> theropods for the Dinosauria cover, I thought they were on the whole
> excellent, accurate and life-like, with the Microraptor "leg wings"
providing  the
> best visual insight yet as to how this additional airfoil would have
> functioned for lift and stability. I agree with Jaime that the  head
should be
> a bit bigger, and I would have made Caudipteryx' gastrocnemius  (calf
> complex) less bulky and more tendinous.
> One of those mammals looked pretty nasty, and if had been a theropod I
> have passed it up for something else....
> Mark Hallett