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Re: Thecodontia defined and saurischian Marasuchus

T. Michael Keesey wrote-

> > Thecodontia (Protorosaurus + Thecodontosaurus)
> > Suppose there is such thing as a thecodont now, and it's a
> > heterodefinitional synonym of Archosauromorpha.
> Not quite--_Archosauromorpha_ is stem-based, so there would be
> non-thecodontian archosauromorphs.

Well, Archosauromorpha sensu Gauthier et al. (2004) is node-based.  But yes,
the older better definition is stem-based.

> > Ornithodira (Vultur + Pterosaurus)
> > Well, the absence of a Pterosaurus invalidates this name and the next
> Not so--_Pterosaurus_ is a hymenopteran genus. Thus, _Ornithodira_
> sensu Kischlat is roughly synonymous with _Bilateria_,
> _Pterosauromorpha_ sensu Kischlat is roughly synonymous with
> _Ecdysozoa_ or _Protostomia_, and _Dinosauromorpha_ sensu Kischlat is
> roughly synonymous with _Deuterostomia_. :)


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