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RE: Thecodontia defined and saurischian Marasuchus

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> Subject: Re: Thecodontia defined and saurischian Marasuchus
> > Neotheropoda (Ceratosaurus + Allosaurus)
> > I have to agree with Wilson et al. (2003) that the more inclusive
> > (Coelophysis+birds) definition has priority.
> CMIIW, but I think that, as originally used by Bakker, coelophysoids
> (well, podokesaurids) were explicitly excluded.

Correct, in both The Dinosaur Heresies, and as Bakker et al. in the 
Nanotyrannus paper in Hunteria. This is the reason Padian,
Hutchinson and I explicitly hung the name on Ceratosaurus rather than 
Coelophysis, and why I was unhappy with the Sereno definition.

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> Tim Williams
> >Pachypodosauria (Morosaurus <- Allosaurus)
> >And Morosaurus is used instead of Camarasaurus why?  Interesting idea for
> >the stem-sauropodomorph group though.
> I believe the clade Pachypodosauria was erected by Cooper (1985) for
> Sauropodomorpha.

Pachypodosauria itself was coined by von Huene in 19... something (have to go 
check): a group comprising Carnosauria ("modern"
carnosauria plus megalosaurs) plus Sauropodomorpha but excluding Coelurosauria 
(his version: the amalgam of coelophysoids,
Ceratosaurus, and "modern"-type coelurosaurs (including tyrannosaurs), 
exclusive of birds). He concieved of Pachypodosauria as
monophyletic, with carnosaurs actually being phylogenetically closer to 
sauropodomorphs than to coelurosaurs.

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