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Re: Thecodontia defined and saurischian Marasuchus

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > Dromaeosuchia (Crocodylus + Ornithosuchus)
> Was it necessary to name that clade?

Ask Juul, 1994.

> > Crocodyliformes (Crocodylus <- Protosuchus)
> Not *C.* _+_ *P.*?

Oops.  My bad.  Yes, his Crocodyliformes is (Crocodylus + Protosuchus).

> > Kischlat presents preliminary results of (his?) analysis, showing the
> > following topology-
> > [...]
> Crocodiles and even *Euparkeria* are dinosauromorphs! Yay! :-(

The odd thing is that he uses Dinosauromorpha in this way in his cladogram,
so he must realize the consequences of his definition.

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