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Interesting information in article on Feathered Dinosaurs at the ROM

>From the Toronto Star, March 13, 2005:
A man who ruffles feathers
Stephen Czerkas fought the big boys and  won.
Now he's got the ROM to  prove  it


Chock  full of insights such as:
"The symbolism of the altered Deinonychus is also apt: visitors to the  ROM's 
Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight exhibit will have to change  
their views about dinosaurs. Is a four-metre-high Therizinosaurus, with  
scythe-sized claws, menacing beak and six-metre wingspan, still as frightening  
you learn it couldn't fly?"
"In addition to being a triumph for an abstract theory, the exhibit is also  
a personal vindication for Czerkas, who just five years ago was the subject of 
 ridicule and abuse from the scientific establishment."
"Stephen and Sylvia are finally getting their doctorates, honorary ones  from 
the California Academy of Sciences, the institute that owns the original  
Deinonychus trio."  
Mary, who didn't know that the California Academy of Sciences has a Ph.D.  
granting program