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Taumalipasaurus/Amphisbaenia question


Is the "quadratojugal" on Tamaulipasaurus the homolog of the
extracolumella of Diplomtopon, as it would seem?

Or are they both novel?

David Peters
St. Louis

Quoting from Digimorph:

The extracolumella (in red) is present in all amphisbaenians except
Blanus and Bipes. It is a generally rod-shaped
 cartilaginous or bony structure that extends from the columella of the
stapes to tie into dermal thickenings along the jaw. In
 Diplometopon zarudnyi the extracolumella inserts dorsally into a thin
fascia over the preorbital glandular tissue labial to the
 maxilla, and ventrally into the thichened skin along the side of the
mandible. The extracolumella functions in transmitting
 aerial sounds or other low-displacement vibrations from the anterior
cheek surface to the inner ear. This allows
 amphisbaenians to detect the subterranean vibrations of their prey.