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RE: Interesting information in article on Feathered Dinosaurs at the ROM

Now, now.  

To be fair, Stephen and Sylvia worked very hard at CONVINCING THE PRESS
that they were legitimate paleontological artists; and then later, that
Stephen was a legitimate paleontologist.  

And, Stephen has had at least 2 controversies to bring them to the
public's attention.  (Remember the _Stegosaurus_ plate organization he
was promoting?)

And, in person, they appear to be normal people. :-) 

I wish I could have had their chutzpah.  I might be able to get a
doctorate too!

Allan Edels

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Dann Pigdon wrete:

> > "Stephen and Sylvia are finally getting their doctorates, honorary
> > the California Academy of Sciences, the institute that owns the
> > Deinonychus trio."
>Some of us had to go through the proper channels and work hard for
>Stupid old me - all I had to do was stir up some contraversy and become
>a media darling, and they would've just handed me one for free... :)

What a cunning plan!  And to think: all those wasted years working on
PhD!  All I had to do was offend every card-carrying paleontologist I
find, and wait for the press to darken my doorstep!  Brilliant!