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bipedal dog=dinosaur?

This is really silly, but I was just watching some animal trick show on Animal Planet, and saw a german shepard that was quite comfortable walking bipedally.
It even walked up a flight of stairs!
It did everything it could (as expected) to move its centre of gravity over its hips, neck cocked back, forelimbs tucked in, tail up..it looked so much like a dinosaur the has- been-actor host even said "it had that Jurassic Park T.rex action goin' on".
Neat thing was, it was still digitigrade, although going up the stairs it went plantigrade for a few steps.
Being cat person, I've never seen this before. I'm sure many of you dog owners have your own doggie dino experiences.
Like I said, this was really silly, but I still wish I had taped it for animation reference!

  Jeez, now they have singing birds on..I'm not touching that one.

David Krentz

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