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FW: Gondwana 12

I am forwarding this information

Dear Colleague,

We wish to remind you that the Gondwana 12 Conference will be held in Mendoza 
city, Argentina, between 6th. to 11th. of November, 2005.

General information about the conference including the general programme,  
symposia, pre-, post- and intra- conference field trips, registration, payment 
and deadlines can be found in: http://cig.museo.unlp.edu.ar/gondwana

There will be ten symposia and to avoid superposition and rushing around only 
two symposia will be held simultaneously each day. Due to this reason, each 
symposium will select 7 or 8 oral presentations and the rest will be exposed as 
posters. There will be ample time for the poster exposition in order that the 
authors can discuss with their colleagues.

Our Symposium is: S9 "Mesozoic marine biota: evolution and palaeobiogeography" 

We encourage your participation and will be glad to answer any question or 
query about it.

Hope to see you there!!

Dr. Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta
Laboratorio de Bioestratigrafía de Alta Resolución
Universidad de Buenos Aires

Dr. Zulma B. De Gasparini
Departamento de Paleontología de Vertebrados
Museo de La Plata