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For the Artists: Chas.R.Knight Money

A  bit off-topic,  forgive me, but a discussion on the vrtpaleo list reminded 
me of this rather  obscure but important story. In 1901 Charles Knight went 
down to Washington D.C.  and the Smithsonian to work with F.A. Lucas on a 
series of restorations which  included the famous model and painting of 
and Stegosaurus. While  there, a series of events led to Knight taking part 
in the design of a ten  dollar bill. An engraving of his wash drawing of a bull 
bison was sandwiched  between portraits of Lewis and Clark. Glut and Czerkas 
quote Knight in their  biography, "My original bison sketch and a buffalo 
nickel will get you a ride on  any street car in New York City, but the 
imitation is good for a dinner  at Delmonicos". Now the engraved imitation is 
worth  $4,000.