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Re: new dinosaurs

--- amcdona9@bigred.unl.edu wrote:
> Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis (Carr, Williamson,
> et Schwimmer 2005) is a 
> basal tyrannosauroid from the Demopolis
> Formation(~77.5 Ma) of Alabama. It is 
> based upon a partial skull and postcranium. 

  It is considerably older than Dryptosaurus but the
latter is said to be a relic of the Cenomanian, when
Asian tyrannosauroid immigrants became isolated in
eastern America. Are they certain it is a different

> Xinjiangovenator parvus (Rauhut et Xu 2005) is found
> to be a maniraptoran. It 
> is based upon the articulated partial hindlimb
> previously referred to 
> Phaedrolosaurus ilikensis, and is from the Lianmugin
> Formation (Valanginian-
> Albian) of China. 

  Have there been recent excavations in that unit? I
doubt it is as young as Albian.


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