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Re: Hibernating Dinosaurs?

In a message dated 3/18/2005 1:05:36 PM Alaskan Standard Time, 
dannj@alphalink.com.au writes:

>> Chinsamy, A., T.H.Rich & P.Vickers-Rich 1998 Polar dinosaur bone
histology. Journal of Vertebrate Paleotology18:385
Constantine, A., A.Chinsamy, T.H.Rich, & P.Vickers-Rich. 1998.
Periglacial environments and polar dinosaurs. South African Journal of
Vickers-Rich, P., T.H.Rich 2000 Dinosaurs of Darkness. Indiana
University Press 

The presence of LAGs in Timimus (which may not be an ornithomimid) was
used as evidence for hibernation. Such LAGs are not present in
hypsilophodontids like Leaellynasaura, leading the authors to suggest
they may have been active all year round (the enlarged optical lobes of
Leaellynasaura sited as a possible adaptation to constant winter
darkness). <<

Yup. Already have it. (the paper and Dinosaurs of Darkness). My quest was for 
additional support besides what's in those references.