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Re: London Natural History Museum's Animated Rex

Angela Milner was on "Newsround" the other day talking
about this, and was described as "A palaeontologist, a
job made famous by Ross in Friends". I almost spat at
the telly... (at the last bit, I hasten to add)

--- "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4360649.stm
> Sensitive museum-goers are being warned to take care
> near the realistic
> Tyrannosaurus rex unveiled in the London's Natural
> History Museum.
> The 8m-long computer-controlled T.rex uses sensors
> to detect its "prey",
> can swing its tail, swivel its head, roll its eyes
> and open its jaws.
> The 275,000 animatronic model also makes grumbling
> sounds.
> "Once those beady eyes fix on you it can be quite
> unnerving and scary,"
> said the museum's John Phillips.
> "From what I've seen, parents seem to be more
> unnerved than the kids." 
> ...
> "It makes a deep-throated rumble when it's sitting
> there contentedly, but
> roars a lot more when agitated," Mr Phillips said.
> Dinosaur expert Dr Angela Milner said: "We're
> confident that it's pretty
> realistic."
> Fossil remains have allowed scientists to work out
> how the dinosaur moved
> and looked.
> "We even know about the skin texture from preserved
> remains. The only
> thing we're not sure about is the colour," Dr Milner
> said. 
> ...

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