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Re: new dinosaurs

Tim Donovan wrote:

  It is considerably older than Dryptosaurus but the
latter is said to be a relic of the Cenomanian, when
Asian tyrannosauroid immigrants became isolated in
eastern America. Are they certain it is a different

I have not yet seen the JVP paper (though I would dearly love to), but the cladogram in _Dinosauria II_ shows that _Appalachiosaurus_ and _Dryptosaurus_ come up in different parts of the Tyrannosauroidea tree. The "Alabama taxon" (= _Appalachiosaurus_) belongs on the _Albertosaurus_-_Gorgosaurus_ line of the Tyrannosauridae, whereas _Dryptosaurus_ is given as a basal tyrannosauroid. Any similarities between the two are presumably symplesiomorphic.

(The cladogram in Holtz et al. [2004] presented this new tyrannosauroid as the "Alabama taxon", but the character set in the Appendix to Dinosauria II had it down as "Appalachiosaurus", and was available on the internet from around the time of publication.)


> Xinjiangovenator parvus (Rauhut et Xu 2005) is found
> to be a maniraptoran. It
> is based upon the articulated partial hindlimb
> previously referred to
> Phaedrolosaurus ilikensis, and is from the Lianmugin
> Formation (Valanginian-
> Albian) of China.

  Have there been recent excavations in that unit? I
doubt it is as young as Albian.


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