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Re: Hibernating Dinosaurs?

Dann Pigdon wrote:

> The large eyes of _Leallynasaura_ have been regarded
> as an adaptation to seeing in the dark; but it could just as equally be a
> juvenile trait.

It's not just the size of the eye sockets; an endocast of a
Leallynasaura brain also shows enlarged optic lobes.

I wonder, does that rule it out as a juvenile trait?

All of the eastern coast of Australia was once known as New South Wales,
but has long since been divided into NSW, Queensland in the north, and
Victoria in the south. I suggest you trade in your atlas from the late
1700s for one a bit more up-to-date. :)


Back then (late 1700's to early 1800's), the British colony of New South Wales included not only the modern-day states of NSW, Victoria and Queensland, but also Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and even New Zealand (which went on to become a separate country). These territories were split up and made colonies in their own right (except for the NT) between 1825 and 1863. Western Australia is the only Australian state never to have been part of NSW - a distinction it wears with pride.