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Re: new dinosaurs

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Tim Donovan wrote:
 >>Dryptosaurus is said to be a relic of the
> >when
> >Asian tyrannosauroid immigrants became isolated in
> >eastern America. 

> The "Alabama taxon" (= _Appalachiosaurus_) belongs
> on the 
> _Albertosaurus_-_Gorgosaurus_ line of the
> Tyrannosauridae, whereas 
> _Dryptosaurus_ is given as a basal tyrannosauroid. 

  Then the scenario of Carr and Williamson (above)
can't be true. Albertosaurus-like tyrannosaurs existed
in the east in the early Campanian but apparently
became extinct and were replaced by basal
tyrannosauroids from elsewhere-possibly Europe, given
the similarity of Betasuchus to Dryptosaurus.


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