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Re: new dinosaurs and 16 Foot Man Eating Croc Caught In Uganda (joke)

don ohmes wrote:

Agents of the fast food industry try to brainwash the public into thinking all food tastes the

Having tasted croc meat several times I can honestly say that it DID taste like chicken (the texture was very different though.) Then again, maybe I have been brainwashed by the fast food industry. However, it's hard to see what vested interest Ronald McDonald &c would have in convincing us that all animals (whether bird, reptile, or mammal) taste the same.

Gator tastes like gator. Rattlesnake tastes like rattlesnake, armadillo tastes like armadillo. ONLY
CHICKEN TASTES LIKE CHICKEN. It's sort of a cross between passenger pigeon and ivory-bill woodpecker.

But Rocky Mountain oysters do not taste like oysters.

Anyway, to swing this thread away from crocodilian cuisine and back to dinos... somebody infomed me off-list that new material had been unearthed for _Stokesosaurus_. Checking back, it turns out that this person had confused _Stokesosaurus_ with _Marshosaurus_. A semi-complete skeleton is known (but not yet described) for _Marshosaurus_, a genus that (like _Stokesosaurus_) was also originally described by Madsen in the 1970's. For _Stokesosaurus_ all we're left with is the holotype ilium, as well at least one other ilium, a braincase, and a dubiously referred premaxilla and tail vertebrae. It remains one of the most poorly known Morrison theropods.