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Re: Dragons on Animal Planet March 20

Is it just me or did it seem that most of the show was commercials? I enjoyed show and all, but it seems just as you are starting to get into it they suddenly cut to the same ads they just played 8 minutes ago. I can't get that awful SeaWorld ad music out of my head.
I remember reading about Discovery Channel dumbing down other BBC shows ( big words make our brains hurt) in an earlier thread. Does anyone know if there was any footage also cut from the US version to make room for ads? Is the Europe version better?
Just curious.
Bar-B-Q TRex looked mighty tasty. Re-cloaking...

Thomas M. Miller

mkirkaldy@aol.com wrote:

"Dragons" made its North American debut last night. As was discussed last month when it was shown in Europe, it had some appeal. However, I wish that the makers of Walking With... and other spinoffs would get away from the variations on a Bambi theme for a plot.

As Martin Baeker pointed out in his review in February, the science terrible. The body was thawed, everyone but the lead scientist wore a mask (and his flowing hair might have been contained in a real lab situation--or restaurant), methods for extracting the gases were hap-hazard, many other things.

The last half-hour "making of" program was a lot more interesting, especially the interview with John Sibbick.


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