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Re: new dinosaurs and 16 Foot Man Eating Croc Caught In Uganda

 Dryptosaurus was fairly large, maybe 7m, and I
assume hadrosaurs were the principal prey for any top
predator in the east. There apparently were no large
ceratopsids or sauropods.

That still doesn't mean "the same ecological niche". Different predator species with the same prey but different hunting methods, and/or different hunting times (day/night...), can often coexist. Especially if they don't have quite the same habitats.

*Dryptosaurus* retained an
extra-large thumb claw. It clearly did something
that tyrannosaurids didn't do.

Maybe it relied on its manual claws to catch and kill hadrosaurs whereas tyrannosaurs relied on their jaws.

Would be great if we knew the jaws of *Dryptosaurus*...