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Re: Marsh and Cope during the Civil war

Ahoy Vladimír Socha,

Scant mention is made of the Civil War in the different Marsh

Edward Drinker Cope was a Quaker, a member of The Society of Friends and
as such would have been against violence, a pacifist. He thought about
becoming a hospital orderly or a teacher of emancipated slaves. He was
at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. in 1863 (which by this time, the
drafts were seeking all eligible young men) but apparently became
involved in an affair, of which there is scant record. His father packed
him off to Europe in March. 

O.C. Marsh was at the Sheffield Scientific School in New Haven and was
offered a major's commission in a Connecticut regiment but declined on
account of poor eyesight (which I find a little suspect in light of his
markmenship as a boy and later gaining respect among the frontiersmen
out west). June 12, 1861 he wrote his father: "I am drilling every day
with the Graduate Guards ... I shall go to war if necessary..." and a
year later wrote he was undecided on going into the Army or of going to
Europe, where he went in November of 1862.

-Michael Patrick Corriss