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Re: New bird evolution papers (Acta Zoologica Sinica)

Jeff Hecht wrote:

And the PDF files are available for download from

Thanks. Alas, my downloaded pdf of the Martin paper is missing Fig. 6 ("Life reconstructions of _Longisquama_..."). Thankfully, my pdf does include a humorous illustration of _Caudipteryx_ (Fig. 3D), which looks like it just walked off the set of "Sesame Street".

Overall, the paper is the same-old same-old. The usual suspects are back (_Cosesaurus_, _Megalancosaurus_, _Longisquama_), all of which supposedly constitute a potpourri of basal "archosaurs" that may have given rise to birds. "All of these genera are considered arboreal archosaurs by some authors" says Martin; but he omits to say whose these authors are. Maniraptorans are not really theropods, etc.

David Marjanovic wrote:

And more stuff has been found for _Hesperornis rossica_.

*H. rossicus*. Unlike the Russian and Latin words for bird, the Greek one is masculine.

I had thought the new ICZN rules allowed for bad gramma in scientific names, with no recourse for emendation once the animal is officially named.

(By "inner fingers" the authors probably mean "inner toes".)

Certainly. There's only one word for both in Russian (...and Latin... and French...).

In a similar vein, the Zhou and Zhang paper refers to "manual toe proportions".