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Re: Carnegie Museum to Show Dinosaurs Being Taken Apart

The Pittsburgh museum is among the last major natural history museums to
update its dinosaur collection to reflect current scientific thought.

The Pittsburgh museum may be among the last major natural history museums IN THE USA to do so. I don't even need to single out the casts in Vienna -- even those in Paris are of historical interest.

In movies and some museums, for example, sauropods often are shown using
their long necks to grab leaves from trees like giraffes. Recent computer
models showed the bones in their 40-foot-necks weren't built for moving
their tiny heads much above their shoulders. So, they more likely were

Ehem... :-)

DeWalt, the Carnegie Museum director, said the museum had long wanted to
remount the Carnegie's dinosaurs to reflect the new science but didn't have
the space.

Does this mean it had the _money_ all the time!?!