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RE: T. rex Blood Vessels

At 12:50 PM -0700 3/24/05, Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org wrote:
>Isn't this old news being redone?

No. I've heard the paper was in the works for a while, but they results are new 
for public release. The samples came from a T. rex femur which was intact when 
discovered, with hollow interior that was not infilled with minerals. 
Schweitzer dissolved the calcium minerals in the bone to get the soft tissue. 

No word on protein sequences or DNA. I'd expect protein sequences to follow, 
but not DNA, which doesn't hold up well. 

-- Jeff Hecht
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>> Subject: T. rex Blood Vessels
>> A new paper by (who else?) Schweitzer et al. about the 
>> extraction of structures that appear to be blood vessels from 
>> _T. rex_ bones appears in _Science_ this week. See a report 
>> at http://www.nature.com/news/2005/050321/full/050321-13.html.
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