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RE: Carnegie Museum to Show Dinosaurs Being Taken Apart

David Marjanovic wrote:

>> DeWalt, the Carnegie Museum director, said the museum had long wanted to
>> remount the Carnegie's dinosaurs to reflect the new science but didn't 
>> have
>> the space.

>Does this mean it had the _money_ all the time!?! 

Wilson says:
Absolutely not.  They have had plans to redo Dino Hall since the 60's but have 
never had the money.  They couldn't make the needed space without that money.  
The State of Pennsylvania has put in a sizeable chunk, which was approved only 
within the last year or so.  This provided the "reality base" to the project 
that encouraged other foundations to pledge funding, since it finally seemed 
like the renovation was going to happen. And it is happening -- hooray!

And Mark Hallett wrote:

>...someone should inform the Exhibit staff at Carnegie that the arboreal 
>thesis is very much alive and well, and that certain computer model  studies, 
>while they have done an excellent job of showing the  theoretical osteological 
>limitations of diplococid cervical movement, do  not in any way address the 
>possible elasticity factor of ligaments and tendons  in achieving upward neck 
>mobility from a quadrupedal pose, as well  as the issue of bipedal/tripodal 
>feeding. It would be a mistake to  adopt only the hoizontal thesis in redoing 
>sauropod interpretive  displays.

Wilson says:
Well, the Carnegie's own Dave Berman and research associate Bruce Rothschild 
have done work that supports the horizontal or nearly horizontal posture.  So 
our diplodocids will have lower necks on exhibit.  It is a curatorial decision, 
not the Exhibits department.  The specimens won't be foraging in any case, so 
mode of feeding issues are not applicable.  I am just happy that Dippy won't 
look like Fred Flintstone's pet Dino anymore.

Yvonne Wilson
Carnegie Museum of Natural History