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Re: thylacine photo

The photo they show is not the one allegedly shot by the tourist but the one
created by the imaging expert using a photoshopped cutout image of the
Hobart Zoo specimen, which is mentioned later in the article.

"After inspecting the pictures this week, the Herald's photographic managing
editor, Mike Bowers, conducted his own experiments. First he copied a black
and white photograph of a thylacine with its mouth wide open, in Hobart Zoo,
taken in the 1930s. Using a colour picture of a thylacine pelt, sold at
auction a few years ago, as a guide, Herald imaging specialists then
coloured the photo.

'I blew up the picture, as big as I could, probably to a quarter the size of
a real Tasmanian tiger. I then cut it out with a Stanley knife," Bowers
said. "I stuck it in a tree fern in my front garden.'
He photographed his cut-out, trying to produce a blur similar to that in the
tourist's image by setting the camera out of focus.

'And I used a very slow shutter speed to blur it a bit more. I shot it at
one-tenth of a second and purposely moved my hand as I shot it to blur it
further.' "


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From: "Tim Williams" <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>
> Shows a Kodak moment featuring a camera-shy thylacine (Tasmanian tiger).
> Either this is a monumental discovery, or somebody is perpetrating a
> malicious hoax.  I know where I'd put my money.