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T.rex Soft Tissue: Lessem on "Today Show"

Well, om MSN video today (March 25), they have a clip
from this morning's "Today Show" in which Ann Curry
interviews Don Lessem (which MSN misspells "Leesem" in
the clip description).

Lessem manages to clear up some misconceptions about
just what was found and what can be done with
it(though it seems to right over Curry's head).  Curry
spends the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the interview asking
leading questions about bringing dinos back to life. 
The show even threw in a clip from "Jurassic Park".
Lessem tries to clarify that what has been found
wouldn't lead to a Jurassic Park, but could (has and
will) lead to  

Lessem also gives a plug for Schweitzer twice during
the interview.

Eric Allen
Undergraduate, TTU

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