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More soft tissue references

Hmm, maybe I should've asked for these at once. 
I am also interested in getting

Schweitzer, Mary H., Mark Marshall, Darlene
Barnard, Scott Bohle, Keith Carron, Ernst V.
Arnold, Jean R. Starkey 1997B Blood from a Stone,
Dinofest International 101-104

Schweitzer, M.H., Johnson, C., Zocco, T.G.,
Horner, J.H., Starkey, J.R., 1997C Preservation
of biomolecules in cancellous bone of
Tyrannosaurus rex, Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology, Volume 17, No. 2, June 19. 349-359

Schweitzer, Mary Higby, John R. Horner 1999
Intrasvascular microstructures in trabecular bone
tissues of Tyrannosaurus rex, Annales de
Paléontologie Volume 85, Issue 3, July-September
, pg.179-192.

Collins, M.J., Child, A.M., van Duin, A.T.C. &
Vermeer, C. 1998 "Ancient osteocalcin; the most
stable bone protein?" Ancient Biomolecules. 2:

Collins, M. J., et al 1999 Is osteocalcin
stabilised in ancience bones by absporption to
bioapatite?" Ancient Biomolecules 2(2): 223-233.

Collins, M. J., C. Nielseen-Marsh, J. Hiller, C.
I. Smith and J. P. Roberts 2002 " The Survival of
Organic Matter in Bone: A Review" Archeaometry
44, 3: 383-394

Any help with any of these or any other good
re-sources about biomolecule preservation in
fossilized bone would be appareciated.

The preservation of biomolecules and now actual
tissue in fossilized dinosaur bone is
interesting, some  people are already saying that
this means the fossils formed recently and that
geology/paleontology are fundamentally flawed. 
For my own part, I am not entirely sure that
these preservations can actually be considered to
support that position anyway, and if even they
hypothetically could support it, I am not
convinced that they refute 'old age' or that they
outweigh the other massive evidence that supports
old age.

Even outside that somewhat sensless debate, this
soft tissue find is exciting.  I also think that
its interesting that it was announced a few
months ago, and has only now made it out to the
general public. Perhaps its not too much of a lag
tho, considering that the public picked it up
pretty quickly once the article hit Science.

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