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Re: Kong Dinosaurs

Since this is a movie, and a bigger than life spectacle, and we've seen a million 'accurate' dinosaurs on a million different TV shows and images, I think the designs could have been pushed further. If you have made the choice to go fantasyish, embrace it. I like the ceratopsian!
There is a sculpture online of Peter Jackson posing with a very early sculpt of Kong fighting 3 rexes. I loved the design of them! Now it seems they've become more conservative and they lost some of their 'enhanced reality' appeal.
It can be viewed at

Regardless, from what secret insider info I have on this film ( OK, I'm a geek) , I assure you, you won't care about the designs when it all comes together. My head spins when I think of it!

  David Krentz

On Mar 24, 2005, at 10:16 PM, Eric Allen wrote:

Well, Jackson and Crew did say pretty early on that
the dinosaurs in Kong would not be "real" but more
"inspired by" actual dinos.  (plus, you didn't expect
a bunch of dinos to be waiting around on an island for
65 million years without undergoing some evolution,
did you? ;-p )

Eric Allen
Undergraduate, TTU

--- Jordan Mallon <jordan.mallon@gmail.com> wrote:
While cool looking, those dinosaurs are abhorrent.
And is it just me,
or does the "raptor" have two fingers and the T. rex

Jordan Mallon

4th year undergraduate student, Carleton University
Vertebrate Palaeontology & Palaeoecology

Paleoart website:
MSN Messenger: j_mallon@hotmail.com

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 20:31:07 -0500 (EST),
<Danvarner@aol.com> wrote:
This courtesy of Pete Von Sholly: first look at
the new "King Kong"
dinosaurs as licensed to Dark Horse comics as


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