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Re: More soft tissue references

I am interested in how the tissues were kept int his state of preservation -
but I am quite sure they did not form recently!

LOL!    Unless, of course, you're my housemate.   Man seriously believes
that God created all life that has ever existed, a few thousand years ago -
and then most of it went extinct.   This explains why there aren't still

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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Subject: More soft tissue references

> The preservation of biomolecules and now actual
> tissue in fossilized dinosaur bone is
> interesting, some  people are already saying that
> this means the fossils formed recently and that
> geology/paleontology are fundamentally flawed.
> For my own part, I am not entirely sure that
> these preservations can actually be considered to
> support that position anyway, and if even they
> hypothetically could support it, I am not
> convinced that they refute 'old age' or that they
> outweigh the other massive evidence that supports
> old age.