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Current bird/dinosaur theories

Greetings, everyone.

Where can I find a very current summary, be it book,
magazine or internet article (prefferably the latter)
of the current dinosaur/bird relationship paradigms,
competing theories, available evidence, etc.?  I
thought the article by Jeff Poling on Dinosauria
Online to be very useful
(http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/archie/scutes.htm) but
it is dated 1996 and I know many feathered dinosaurs
have been found since then so I don't know where the
whole issue stands.

Also, I have read many references and seen depicted in
dinosaur art the prescence of bird-like scutes on
theropod feet.  This seems widely accepted by the
scientific community.  Is it based on inference or has
it been preserved in the fossil record in the form of
associated osteal features or perhaps even skin


Manuel E. Parrado

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