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RE: Bruhathkayaosaurus

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> Subject: Bruhathkayaosaurus
> Is the size or validity of this dinosaur still highly conjectural or  has the
> specimens found been determined to be definitely animillian and from a
> titanosaur.  If it is considered credible, why isn;t the  Bruhathkayaosaurus,
> recognized as the largest  dinosaur?
It is still far from certain it is an animal and not a tree. In fact, there has 
been no serious publication on it since the initial
paper. Perhaps some day, but not yet.

Hence the lack of recognition of it as the largest.

P.S. Peter Dodson has pointed out that I mistyped "Tony Bryant" for "Harold 
Bryant" as a participant on the Dino Expo 2005 list.
Sorry!!! (D'oh!!!)

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