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Re: Jinfengopteryx elegans

In a message dated 3/29/2005 9:28:29 PM Alaskan Standard Time, 
dinoboygraphics@aol.com writes:

>> Go look at the life reconstruction of Greg Paul's hypothetical "proavis" 
on page 129 of Dinosaurs of the Air, and look at the pose of 
Jinfengopteryx...creepy, that's all I have to say. <<

How does one look at the pose of Jinfen? I've looked everywhere and can't 
find a single photo of it, let alone the actual paper from the Geological 
Bulliten of China that has the paper.

Ji Q., Ji S., Lu J., You H., Chen W., Liu Y., and Liu Y. (2005). First 
avialan bird from China (_Jinfengopteryx elegans_ gen. et sp. nov.) Geological 
Bulletin of China 24(3): 197-205.

Does anyone have a pdf of it?????