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Re: Jinfengopteryx elegans

There are photos and a couple of line drawings here:


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> >> Go look at the life reconstruction of Greg Paul's hypothetical
> on page 129 of Dinosaurs of the Air, and look at the pose of
> Jinfengopteryx...creepy, that's all I have to say. <<
> How does one look at the pose of Jinfen? I've looked everywhere and can't
> find a single photo of it, let alone the actual paper from the Geological
> Bulliten of China that has the paper.
> Ji Q., Ji S., Lu J., You H., Chen W., Liu Y., and Liu Y. (2005). First
> avialan bird from China (_Jinfengopteryx elegans_ gen. et sp. nov.)
> Bulletin of China 24(3): 197-205.
> Does anyone have a pdf of it?????
> Kris
> http://hometown.aol.com/saurierlagen/Paleo-Photography.html